Many Injured after Norway Cruise Ends in Ship Evacuation

Many Injured after Norway Cruise Ends in Ship Evacuation


36 people were hospitalized as a result of a recent accident where a Viking cruise ship lost engine power in stormy weather. The cruise accident occurred off the coast of Norway and became what passengers called a chaotic 48-hour nightmare.

During a 12-day cruise of Norwegian towns, the Viking Sky’s four engines lost power and the ship began to list. At the time, the local weather reported wind gusts up to 43 mph and waves more than 26 feet tall.

Crew Attempted to Stabilize the Ship and Assisted Passengers with Life Jackets

Fearing the ship would smash into offshore rocks, the crew threw out anchors to keep the ship in place as it drifted. Passengers were ordered to put on their life jackets. The rocking of the out-of-control ship caused furniture to slide across rooms, glass doors smashed and huge waves broke down doors and flooded rooms.

The order to evacuate the ship was given and the Norwegian Coast Guard began airlifting passengers into helicopters. 479 passengers – about half of the total – reached shore in a fleet of 5 helicopters during rough seas and extremely windy conditions.

The Viking Sky finally got one engine going and, aided by tow vessels, made it to nearby port Molde, Norway where the crew and the remaining passengers debarked. The ship had drifted to within 330 feet of the coastline.

Cruise Accident Investigation Begins

The Norway Accident Investigations Board started looking into the incident immediately. The investigation will focus on why the ship traveled in such dangerous weather, endangering 1,373 passengers and crew and forcing an air evacuation. Other components of the investigation will focus on why the engines lost power and how the rescue was handled.

Police officials from Molde believe that there were no maintenance problems because the ship was too new, having been delivered to Viking in 2017. The ship’s computer logs will provide crucial information.

Viking Ocean Cruises will be conducting its own investigation.

Cruises Can Result in Injuries

In a 2017 study, the trade group Cruise Lines International Association reported that the number of operational incidents on cruise ships declined by 38% even though the industry’s capacity has increased by 48%.

Thankfully, no one died as a result of the Viking Sky accident. However, every year hundreds of passengers are injured on cruise liners. Common causes of cruise accidents include slip and fall, food poisoning, swimming pool accidents, recreational accidents, bacterial illnesses, fires and drownings. These injuries may be severe and can result in death too.

Have You Been Injured in a Cruise Accident?

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