How To Prevent Slip-And-Fall Injuries

How To Prevent Slip-And-Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are among the more common injuries in the workplace. About 60 percent of all falls are the result of a worker tripping or slipping, while the other 40 percent primarily consist of falling from heights. In some cases, these accidents can be debilitating for the victim, and some even result in death. It is important to learn how to prevent slip and fall injuries in the workplace to keep employees free from harm.

Preventing Slips
Slips typically occur when there is a lack of traction, either due to loose floor coverings, wet conditions or spills. Companies must make regular inspections of a work site, to identify potential hazards before they become a problem. If employees work in slippery or wet conditions, proper footwear should be required to provide sufficient traction. Abrasive material can also be applied to concrete, wood and metal flooring to minimize the risk of slipping.

Preventing Falls
While falls from higher elevations are less common, the results of these accidents can be much more severe. Falls are of particular concern in workplaces where employees work around ladders, vehicles or loading docks. Companies should inspect ladders regularly to ensure they are in proper working order. A policy of no riders on vehicles should be enforced and skid-resistant coatings should be applied to loading docks to prevent slipping and falling off the platform.

Slip and fall injuries can be serious enough to cause permanent disability or even death. By taking a few simple precautions, many of these accidents can be avoided at work sites. If you have been a victim in a slip and fall accident, contact an experienced NY attorney.

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