How To Prevent Construction Scaffolding Accidents

How To Prevent Construction Scaffolding Accidents

Construction accidents are common due to the manual work involved in difficult situations but one of the common causes of construction accidents on a job site is due to the malfunctioning of ladder and scaffolding systems.

Collapses and other safety issues surrounding the scaffolding or ladders set up on the job site are one of the leading causes of construction-related injuries and death. Collapses that lead to injury and death are caused when systems are not set up correctly or there is a lack of attention to safety details involved with working on such structures.

In order to prevent these debilitating or deadly accidents, employers and workers need to work together to ensure safety is a top priority. Here are the ways to help prevent scaffolding and ladder accidents from hurting your future:

  • Conduct regular safety checks of the scaffolding and ladder systems to ensure stability and lack of defects.
  • Establish a management alert system to report defective parts or operation of scaffolding or ladder systems to be sure they are repaired or removed from the construction site.
  • Schedule regular safety courses to teach and refresh the basic safety measures when on ladders and scaffolding such as not overextending your reach when working at great heights or by accessing areas that should be avoided as notated by system warning labels.
  • Regularly clean off spills or construction debris from systems to prevent slips that lead to deadly falls from heights.
  • Regularly check safety equipment for proper functionality and discard parts that are worn or show signs of defect.

If you have fallen from a scaffold system or a ladder during a construction job and suffered an injury on the job, you have to protect your rights to worker’s compensation benefits. Contact our office today to have your case evaluated. Call us toll free at (914) 361 – 4888  or use our confidential online form.

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