Preventing Truck Accidents in White Plains
Preventing Truck Accidents in White Plains

Preventing Truck Accidents in White Plains

It is dangerous when any vehicle speeds on the interstate or highway in New York – but did you know that it is significantly more dangerous for commercial trucks and big rigs to speed? Our skilled truck injury lawyers can explain three reasons why:

  • Commercial trucks are many times heavier than smaller pickups and sedans, which means that when they are involved in collisions, they strike with many times more force. The faster a truck goes, the harder it hits – and the harder it hits, the more likely it is that the crash will result in serious injuries or fatalities.
  • Since commercial big rigs are bigger and heavier than other motor vehicles, they are also harder to maneuver. The faster a truck is going, the more time it will take the truck to move out of the way of an obstacle. The faster a truck is going, the less time the driver will have time to react to an emergency situation.
  • The weight of 18-wheelers also means that it takes much more time to brake and come to a complete stop. If a truck is speeding, it will take even more time to slow down or come to a stop. This is why speeding trucks are responsible for so many rear-end accidents that are often deadly.

Why do commercial trucks speed so often? Unfortunately, truck drivers are often under extreme pressure to meet deadlines and deliver loads. In general, the more miles they cover per day, the more money they make. This means that truckers will deliberately speed in White Plains despite the dangers they pose to other drivers.

What can you do to prevent truck accidents due to speeding? If you see a truck speeding, you can usually call the number posted on the back of the truck to report reckless driving. If a truck is endangering other drivers on the road, you can also call the local police or 911 to report an emergency situation involving a dangerous truck driver.

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