$8,175,000 Settlement- Anonymous v. NYPD

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$8,175,000 Settlement- Anonymous v. NYPD

In this claim, we represented two individuals who were shot at by an off-duty NYPD officer while they are on their way home from a late-night ice hockey game. The police officer was on his way from training at the NYPD’s training facility on Rodman’s Neck, in the Bronx, New York. After the training (and perhaps during), this officer became extremely intoxicated. He was drinking, while still in uniform and armed, along with his fellow officers and commanding officers. While in a blacked-out state of mind, this police officer approached the plaintiff’s while they were stopped at a red light, and proceeded to unload his Department-issued 9 mm into the plaintiff’s car. Miraculously, the driver was not struck, but his passenger and teammate was. They drove immediately to the neared emergency room and the passenger’s life was saved, though he had been shot at least five times. During the discovery stage of the case, it was discovered that this shooting was but one in a line of alcohol-related shootings by NYPD officers. This case settled for a combined $8,175,000.

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